The New Evo-NV Heat Pump Series

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Your Home Will Always Be At The Right Temperature for you and your family with a Novair Plus heat pump system.

 NOVAIR Plus Assures superior performance even in harsh outdoor conditions with a unique and exclusive design.

  • Advanced DC inverter control for the compressor, outdoor fan motor & indoor fan motor.
  • Cooling Down To -20 Degrees Celcious & heating down to -30 Degrees Celcious assures operation year round.
  • Self diagnosis function continuously monitors the operation of the air conditioner & protects the system.
  • Refrigerant leakage detection can prevent the compressor being damaged by leakage or compressor overload.
  • The active Carbon filter ensures excellent performance to remove odor, pollen & amonia.
  • The heating belt fitted on the base plate of the outdoor unit avoids the accumulation of rain, snow or defrosted water.
  • Hydrophylic aluminium fins of the indoor units improve the heat exchange efficiency in cooling & heating mode.
  • The crankcase heater wrapped around the compressor assures safe start at very low outdoor temperature.
  • Precise Electronic Expansion valve fitted in the outdoor unit secures an optimal operation in any ambient condition.
  • With the Auto-restart function ,the unit resumes with the same settings before the electric power failure.
  • Environment friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • Infrared remote control RM 52 included.
  Defrosting procedure design and special base plate design bring excellent performance.
Enjoy Your Home For All Ages With 
Novair Plus heat pump systems.

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 NOVAIR HEAT PUMPS INC. has been established to offer its’ customers a high efficient, high quality mini-split product at a very competitive price. This new company will offer sales development support as well as opportunities to join strong national financial programs. We will be building on the brand name, NOVAIR PLUS, to become a strong presence on the mini-split heat pump market.

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