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gross exposed wall area
wall heat loss factor
wall heat loss
ceiling & floor sq ft
ceiling heat loss factor
ceiling heat loss
gross window area
window heat loss factor
window heat loss
gross door area
door heat loss factor
door heat loss
net wall area
floor area
Floor heat factor
Floor heat loss
infiltration area
infiltration factor ( 8ft ceiling )
( adjusted for height )
infiltration losses
Total Heat Loss

Heat Loss Calculator

Room Dimensions

Enter the dimensions of the walls and the number of exposed (cold) walls in feet.

Wall and Ceiling Insulation Values

Note: Fiberglass batt insulation has an R value of approx 3 per inch.

Door and Window Values

To calculate the area (sqft) multiply the width by height.

To calculate the area (sqft) multiply the width by height.

Floor Type and Insulation Value

Please note: Choose the type of floor construction. If room is above heated area select 'Not Applicable'.

Infiltration Values & Calculation

Infiltration losses include both losses through structure construction ( e.g. cracks, leaks etc) as well as losses due to the normal air changes such as opening of outside doors etc.

Note: Calculations are based on average residential values only, adjustments should be made for non-standard situations such as high traffic entrances etc or for alternate building construction materials and methods.

Total Room Heat Loss:

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