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Novair Plus offers high quality mini-splits designed to perform efficiently in all types of conditions. Adding comfort to your home in the extreme cold of winter and the heat of summer. Our units are equipped with the technology to keep you comfortable in any climate.

Our environmentally friendly mini-splits are equipped with carbon filters to keep the air in your home clean, fresh, and healthy by removing odors, pollen and ammonia. More Details

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Product Information

  • 10 year warranty on parts, available extended 10 year warranty on labour
  • Advanced DC inverter control for the compressor, outdoor fan motor & indoor fan motor.
  • Cooling Down To -20 Degrees Celsius & heating down to -30 Degrees Celsius assures operation year-round.
  • Self-diagnosis function continuously monitors the operation of the air conditioner & protects the system.
  • Refrigerant leakage detection can prevent the compressor being damaged by leakage or compressor overload.
  • The active Carbon filter ensures excellent performance to remove odor, pollen & ammonia.
  • The heating belt fitted on the base plate of the outdoor unit avoids the accumulation of rain, snow or defrosted water.
  • Hydrophilic aluminium fins of the indoor units improve the heat exchange efficiency in cooling & heating mode.
  • The crankcase heater wrapped around the compressor assures safe start at very low outdoor temperature.
  • Precise Electronic Expansion valve fitted in the outdoor unit secures an optimal operation in any ambient condition.
  • With the Auto-restart function, the unit resumes with the same settings before the electric power failure.
  • Environment friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • Infrared remote control RM 52 included.
Technical Specifications
Customer Reviews
    • Cliff C. - Sussex, NB

    Great heat pump, and great service... The Novair Plus units impressed us enough to buy for both our home and our income property

    • Jessica E. - Saint John, NB

    I can honestly say, I/ve had other brands, and now Novair, we are so impressed with the quicker, hotter heat that we get from our Novair heat pumps

    • Matt T. - Hartland, NB

    My family enjoy the heating and cooling of our Novair units "hug a Novair" , we did this summer literally

    • Brian S. - Juniper, NS

    We love the heat, air conditioning and the air circulation of our heat pump. We both struggle with health issues but the heat pump definitely helps with our air quality as well

    • Sean R. - Fredericton, NB

    Fredericton Home Hardware and Novair Plus sincerely took the time to listen to our concerns and the ecstatics of the outdoor compressor. John was more than educating, he literally drove the bus to assure us all the options available as a home owner, such as in store rebates, NB power rebates. We would refer Novair / Fredericton Home Hardware, most definitely

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